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I have to say this is the best supernatural themed series since BtVS and Angel and the finale was superb. The acting and writing is extraordinary, miles beyond the insipid "Moonlight" and "Blood Ties". Cut for spoilers )I believe the next season will consist of 8 episodes starting in January. I don't know if I can wait until then (anybody have a spare TARDIS lying around?). In case you live in the states and are curious about BH here is where I watched it.
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Saw ep. 5 of "Being Human" and I'm afraid I now think that Mitchell the vampire is a bit of a wuss. Cut for possible spoilers )

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Can I say that "Being Human" just took a turn into WTF?

Warning: Spoilers for ep. 4 )
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Sounds like the beginning of a joke but it's the premise of a new British TV series called Being Human. I caught the pilot on YouTube and it looks good. Like BtVS they've recast some of the roles for the series which began last week. I'm trying to track down the latest ep and catching up on all the extras from BBC3. The hundred year old vampire is young and hot and I think I will like this series more than "Moonlight" though it's nowhere in Buffy's league. Speaking of Buffy, I finally watched the AtS and BtVS pilots - the Buffy one was a bit rough but it had all the elements that would be perfected in the series. I feel a bit sorry for Riff Regan - I checked her credits at IMDB and there was nothing listed after the BtVS pilot. I guess she left the business.

ETA: I'd meant to put in that BH answers the question of what would happen if Spike and Oz moved into Cordelia's old apartment though this ghost is far more visible. I've just found the second ep and am now still tracking down the first.


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