Jan. 11th, 2006 10:36 am
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Say it ain't so. Fox is switching "Bones" to Wednesday nights at 9 on January 25th so it will be on opposite "Lost". As I don't have Tivo I'll have to tape one and watch the other which is ok unless I'm out for the evening and then I'll really have to decide which one I like the most. I also have the feeling that "Bones" may get creamed in the ratings due to "Lost"'s popularity. I truly dislike Fox--they've mishandled "Alien Nation", "Firefly" and now "Bones"--grr argh!
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Well the strike is still on though there's hope on the horizon. Another wee plus is that I've gone into several stores that I usually ride past--nothing sensational but fun all the same (in the vein of making lemonade out of lemons).
Yesterday on Park Avenue (a very exclusive part of NYC) I walked past a discarded Xmas tree and it's not even Xmas! All I could think of was that someone had bought it to make an apartment Xmasy then left for a long vacation in Palm Beach or Aspen or Bermuda throwing out the tree so they wouldn't return to a pile of pine needles. There's nothing sadder in the days after Xmas than walking past all those trees lying on the sidewalk waiting for the garbage trucks. Ever since I read Twilight Time I keep thinking of what Xander said about Xmas trees: “You know, they aren’t really. Live, I mean. I mean, they look alive and everything, but they’re actually dying right there before your eyes. It’s kind of nasty to think of. There’s something kind of heartless about cutting a tree down, hauling it home, decorating it up while it’s dying, and then after the holiday’s over, you just throw it out to finish dying somewhere where you don’t have to look at it fall apart.”

One more thing: on Tuesday "Bones" was a repeat so I watched "NCIS" and found out that Jethro Gibbs is an ex-sniper. Well so is Seeley Booth of "Bones". Thanks to the wonderful world of television programming we now have the only 2 (I don't think there are there any others)ex-snipers on TV going up against each other. I know who I want to win.


Dec. 14th, 2005 04:14 pm
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Well I watched the Xmas ep of "Bones" last night and I must say the show is growing on me as they slowly flesh out the characters. I sometimes feel so out of things as Angela's father was played by Billy Gibbons from something called ZZ Top and though I googled I still am unclear about them. Are they truly famous? I am so unhip.

For all you writers out there I came across this community [ profile] multilingual that might be able to help you if you need something translated into another language for your story. I plan to add it to my reference sites.
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I watched "Bones" last night and thought Booth acted very "Angelic" *g*. When I saw the premiere it occured to me that maybe Booth was Angel shanshued with false memories put into place. Foxhunter2blue has come up with the same idea and has a series going called "Bones & Blood" (S/A) at [ profile] angelstart.

Saw my first ad on TV with an Xmyth theme. It's only the day after Halloween. Please I don't think I can take almost 2 more months of it. It used to be they'd wait until Thanksgiving to begin but no longer *sigh*

A friend sent me this. It's another sign that we're headed for extinction (I so agree with you [ profile] lit_gal)

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