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Reading spikendru's beautifully introspective Regrets...I've Had a Few brought to mind an early favorite that I encountered while I was still discovering fanfic on the internet - in fact I found it on (which I haven't been on in years) in the summer of 2002 just after the end of S6. We fans had no idea what ME planned for S7 but that didn't stop writers from speculating. A British fan named Lesley aka [personal profile] paratti wrote Three Lions and she had me hooked from the first chapter - I absolutely loved it. As I wrote, it was June and no one had any idea what would occur in S7 but I hoped the first few episodes might actually incorporate a bit of the happenings in what would later be the first sequence of "Three Lions". It had everything I loved in a BtVS fic - great characterizations and that wry British humor. The chapters moved amidst several viewpoints including those of Giles, Spike and Wesley (the three lions).

I've got three of them now. It's only a three bedroom house, and I'm not sharing a bed with Spike. In fact, I'd like to know what I did in my last life to deserve this. I bloody well hope I enjoyed it, coz I'm paying back karma faster than Michael Owen running for a ball in the Argentine penalty area.

Great, another lost soul for the Rupert Giles Home for Distressed Sunnydale Residents.

I'm sleeping with a vampire. No, not in that way, and not that he isn't attractive, but neither of us is that way inclined. He's got the bottom one of the bunk beds we're currently sharing. Yes, Wesley, there is a monster under the bed.

I'm sitting on the sofa doing my homework and discussing my ABCs with a HADD vampire with post re-souling depression.

If you've never seen a watcher and a vampire air guitar to Jimi Hendrix you've missed one of the most truly bizarre sights of the new century.

I think I should have checked to see if there was a "Dummies Guide to Souls" available, before I got out the old Lonely Planet East Africa guidebook.

There are also POVs of Dawn, Buffy, Anya (I loved her snark) and others. The fic basically takes a newly re-souled Spike and brings him to Giles' house in London where Giles is already sheltering Willow. Later there is a knock at the door and it turns out that Wesley too is seeking refuge with Giles. Events happen and things turn dark (this is not an easy fic for fans of Wilow and Xander) but the story remains dead on in regard to the character voices. The author later divided the story into three sequences and I believe the stories in the first sequnce constitute my alltime favorite BtVS fic. Someone could easily create a soundtrack for this fic as a different piece of music is mentioned in each (if I recall correctly) chapter. All in all an old classic that deserves to be read by newer readers.

Lesley aka [personal profile] paratti later wrote The Pre-Raphaelite Punk, a discerning character study of our favorite vampire. 

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I realized I haven't added to my list of favorite BtVS fics in ages so here I go again. I usually don't like/remember drabbles or single stories - I love to be immersed in looong fics with many chapters but over the years I've read a handful of PWP stories that had something special in them that caused them to remain in my memory for all that time and here they are:

Wicked Games by Titti (S/A). This is a holdover from my days as a Spangel fan (I went from Spuffy to Spangel to Spander) and I still like it.

Happy Birthday, Wesley by Jessica Walter (S/A/W). Another Spangel fic, this one with Wesley added into the mix.

Hat Trick by SunnyD (S/X). This one is Spander and, in a variation of Chinese sweet and sour soup, is a sweet and squicky PWP.

Finally there's Raising the Stakes by Benaresq (S/X) that I could only find again by using the Wayback Machine. It contains one of the funniest lines ever: "My cock is stupid. It dated Cordelia. Please ignore anything it tries to contribute to this discussion."

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In the usual course of events fan writers occasionally turn pro. Nan Dibble was one who did the opposite. As Ansen Dibell she wrote a few SF novels and at least one non-fiction book - Plot (Elements of Fiction Writing) before turning to fanfic. Though the Blood series (4 complete books and one forever unfinished) is technically Spuffy (but not excessively so) beyond that the books tell of the deep friendship between Dawn and Spike. That is the key (pun intended) relationship in this series - the relationship I wish that ME had acknowledged in S7.

The first book begins post-Showtime when Buffy brought Spike back to the house on Revello Drive and the series goes AU from there. Other characters like Xander, Willow and the Potentials are also present and get their due. The stories are beautifully written, well plotted, with great insight into the characters and laced with subtle bits of humor. In the second volume, Blood Kin, Nan added her own original take on the whole Key thing and her view of the nature of vampires came into play when she created the horrifying Supplice d’Allégance. Through her wonderful OC Mike the vampire she was able to explore aspects of the vampire culture that Spike had only been on the periphery of due to his involvement with Buffy and company and the fact that he was turrned long before the series began.
Some of Nan's thoughts on Spike/vampires:
"Vamps aren’t exactly cut out for moderation. And not really big on the self-control. That’s what they’re made to do: bite; feed. All kind of hard-wired and primal and everything.”

"She’d believed the soul had completely robbed him of his demonic innocence--the blind spots where anybody else would boggle or cringe and he’d barge right through, quite unaware of any problem. It made her all kinds of happy to know that wasn’t so, that there were still some isolated pockets left.

She liked his demon, to the extent he had let her get to know it. She liked its directness and ruthlessness, its complete clarity about what it wanted." (Blood Kin)

These are long-multichaptered fics so be prepared to spend a lot of enjoyable time immersed in her world.
Nan Dibble passed away a year ago today on March 7, 2006. She is greatly missed. 
For more on the marvelousness of her writing read this post by [personal profile] slaymesoftlyhere.
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Sometime after "Crush" (ep 5.14), Giles wakens in Spike's crypt to find that he's been turned by Drusilla. Thus begins [personal profile] riani1's fabulous Career Change where she basically rewrites the second half of S5. Giles now experiences existence from the other side -the side that he's been hunting and staking all these years and the inner Ripper emerges. The story touches base with many plot points of post-"Crush" S5 though the finale is quite different. It's at times dark but full of humor and well thought out. Riani is a writer who's mastered good plotting and characterization. "CC" is an ensemble fic where Buffy & co are treated with respect - no character bashing - and her Xander is Mr Competent Guy. There are those who like feral Spike but the best Spike is feral-yet-caring Spike and in "CC" he's that for Joyce and Dawn. Topping it off is her creation of the Convent of St. Eugene (I think I'm a convert *g*) and I want to adopt Baynar, her adorable OC. The fic is full of wonderful dialogue like this:
I'm in a Mission era convent dedicated to a saint who was a demon, threatened by a small army that dates from the Middle Ages, while my daughters have jumped through an interdimensional portal in the company of a vampire. Our defense relies on another vampire, one young man with a gun, and a witch. My high school yearbook said I was the girl most likely to be boring."
Anya hugged her. "And you're with us, instead. Isn't that better?"
Xander laughed. "Yeah, Mrs. Summers. Congratulations, you're a Scooby.

The story consists of 5 long chapters with a NC-17 addendum to the second chapter. If you haven't yet read this memorable fic get over there now. The author has a sequel "Career Advancement" in progress which is hinting at possible Spandery goodness and the addition of the AI gang. Also try the human AU Nessuno which can be read as a sort of very-early-prequel (15th century Rome) to this series. Riani has written other fics in addition to the Careerverse - go check them out too.
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I just realized I haven't posted a review since January. I think I've had a block because I've been debating with myself if I should actually rec these as they appear to have been abandoned by their creators with only a very small chance of their ever being completed. However they are so very memorable that I decided to post them and let people decide whether they wish to succumb to their allure. You have been warned *g*
Grungefic by [personal profile] darkhavens: an original, gritty story set in S1 where a sad Xander, mourning Jesse's death, runs into Spike, who has yet to visit Sunnydale. Even feral Spike is attracted to Xander.

Secrets by [profile] edibbea: Spike gives Xander exactly what he needs - D/s. Apparently RL has become difficult for Edibbea so apart from the occasional beta-ing she's no longer active in fandom.

"The Witch, the Warrior and the Vampire" (here and here) by [profile] brandil. This is a multi-character fic which is why I think she decided to abandon it as it was growing too complex. It begins as a Spuffy fic but then takes a strange turn into S/X as Spike is forced to become the sire of a newly married Xander. I just love this core story within the larger story as Spike, Buffy, Xander and Anya must learn to deal with the new situation and Spike is torn between his Childe and Buffy. I wish she'd re-start the fic, simply concentrating on the four, ignoring the rest. 

Xanpet by [profile] siegelit is one of my most most guilty pleasures. Xander and Spike are somehow sent back in time to 1889 and Xander is forced to become Spike's pet in the house of Angelus. Alone in a strange time and country (France), dependent on the vampires, he must learn to accept his place in this very graphic D/s fic. After a long hiatus from fandom, Siege has recently re-emerged and hinted that she might continue with it.
Finally there's [profile] ladycat777's fabulous Hunt-Brother. This is a difficult review to write as I've been slammed for voicing my dismay that it may remain forever unfinished (this according to the author). I came across this fic in my early Spander days when Ladycat was still writing it (I believe it was her first fic). It was one of the first stories I encountered where Xander's father was an abusive SOB--maybe that's why it had such a tremendous impact on me. It also was the first fic I read to make use of the hyena possession from "The Pack" (BtVS ep 1.6). It begins in S4 when events force Xander to vamp-sit Spike in the Basement of Doom. Spike notices that there are times that Xander zones out and he can make the Scoobie obey him as he regresses to a little boy who needs approval. Realizing that there is something wrong with Xander, Spike decides to claim Xander, marking Xander as his. Spike's growing concern for his boi becomes evident when Xander's parents go too far and he is badly injured. Xander was on the road to recovery when Ladycat stopped but the bois were on the outs and there are many unanswered questions. Ladycat has a great imagination and is extremely talented at creating vivid characters and scenes that immediately grab you and stay with you. If she wasn't so talented I would've forgotten the fics by now as I have so many other abandoned fics.

[profile] wen_spencer, one of my favorite SF writers, once wrote,  "Writing is foremost STORYTELLING and if you don't tell a complete story, you're not writing. You're putting words on paper."  (it's my lj and I can be grumpy)
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If you love Xander, Sands Of Time by James Walkswithwind and [ profile] wolfling is a fic for you. This is more than a Spander fic. It is a true Xander-coming-of-age fic unfolding in a long series divided into 7 stories so far. I believe this fic actually was begun very early into the run of BtVS possibly in the first season or very early in S2 as Spike, beautifully feral Spike, doesn't show up until midway through the second story. It also was probably one of the first stories to conclude that Xander lived in an abusive home--now a familiar theme.
In "Sands", when Xander is abused by his father, he finds refuge with Giles who eventually becomes his legal guardian. Spike also takes an interest in Xander and at length he and Xander become lovers. Giles finds out and puts an end to it or so he thinks. It's fun seeing how an unchipped Spike is partially tamed by Xander through love, confining his "meals" to bad guys. The series lightly parallels canon with bits of episodes like "Band Candy", "Graduation, "Pangs", "Hero" (Ats) and others happening in the background and sometimes affecting the storyline.
The relationship between the fatherly Giles and his adopted son is wonderful and includes his Giles relatives seen in a trip they take to England. Giles is the father Xander's never had and though Xander is a tiny bit attracted to Giles it's never acted upon (there is no daddy!kink). It goes truly AU after S3 as Xander, encouraged to do well in his studies by Giles, moves to LA to go to college. This is a Xander who matures and develops thanks to the support of his new father (and Spike) something that was never focused upon by ME. After reading this I thought it was a pity that ME never did anything similar but the show was titled Buffy and the other characters were incidental.
According to the website the series is a WIP with 7 completed stories. IMO I feel there should be one more story where Giles learns that Xander deceived him in resuming his relationship with Spike. After some initial anger Giles would come to see Spike's love for Xander and would finally accept him in Xander's life. Because the series was begun so early it has a different feel than other Spander stories written with the benefit of hindsight. It's witty and humorous and all in all a terrific fic.

ETA: "Sands of Time" is now complete
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This story is a different change of pace--it's neither slash nor Spander. In Cuckoo in the Nest by [ profile] liz_marcs we get to see Xander's life and the events of canon through the eyes of Tony Harris. Xander's homelife is devastatingly bleak as Tony takes great delight in taking his bitterness out on Xander who he sees as the reason his life hasn't worked out. Liz has Tony's voice down beautifully--it's gritty and resentful. The fic continues past the events of "Chosen" until a final irony takes place. For all the bleakness there are lovely bits of humor and all in all it's an astonishing and unique story. When watching"BtVS" I never cared much for Xander but in reading fics like this I have truly come to appreciate him.
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Amnesia!Spike by [ profile] mahaliem is a very funny fic that begins in S6 with Spike being hit on the head while defending Dawn and developing amnesia. When he finds a lover's note in his crypt he realizes he has a secret lover and becomes determined to find out who it is, coming to the erroneous conclusion that it's Xander. This is my lol fic that I read when I need something to cheer me up. There's a running joke about "Gilligan's Island" and many other hilarious bits. It's not true Spander but at the end there are hints that the bois may actually be headed in that direction. A sweet silly yet nicely written fic.
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Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike by Scorpio goes AU sometime in S5 when Willow sets up a spell into the past to investigate Lex, Spike's Childe, who was supposedly dusted in Prague when Drusilla was hurt. The spell accidentally sends Xander into the past where he runs into William the Bloody, Drusilla and Darla as they hunt Nazis in war-torn Poland. Spike turns Xander and he joins the family. Years later, when Spike and Dru journey to Sunnydale, Lex stays in LA until all the events that must happen do happen. Once Xander vanishes into the past, Lex comes to pick up his Sire and meets the remaining Scoobies. It's an extremely well-plotted circular time travel story told by a very capable writer with an epilogue, set years later, seen from Angel's POV that makes me wish that Scorpo had written a sequel. As her site hasn't been updated in over 2 years I think she's left fandom--a huge loss to all of us fans of great fics.

While you're at her site check out her other stories including "Fractured Images", a future fic where the Initiative ultimately won and Spike and Angel belong to Xander (warning: D/s).

ETA: I've fixed the broken link (thanx to [ profile] hockeyiris for alerting me). Of course it may happen again *grumbles at peeps who change their websites*
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Civilised Conversations by Melissa begins on the eve of the big battle in "Chosen" when Xander comes down to the basement to ask a favor of Spike--he wants to go for a walk. Together they make a tour of Sunnydale and of Xander's life. They flirt, they kiss, they have the talk that we all wished they could've had in canon. A beautiful, bittersweet fic full of insight into the characters.

Melissa has also written two sequels to CC. The first is And Afterwards Remember which goes AU early in AtS S5 when Xander is sent back in time to meet William in 1880 London to get some of William's blood for a re-corporealizing spell. They spend a lovely day together and, before they part, Xander tells William where to find him if he's ever in LA. In 2004 Spike re-corporealizes but, having forgotten Alexander, wonders why Xander's involved. Of course at the end Spike does fit the pieces together and goes to Xander or perhaps it's William going to Alexander.

The second is A Harsh Master, dealing with Xander's having to learn how to to deal with an over-protective vampire. They are both excellent reads though not quite memorable enough to join my top favorites--I'm so horribly picky.
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Brothers in Arms by [ profile] poshcat takes place at the first post-"Chosen" Christmas. A hungry and penniless Xander sneaks into the seemingly empty offices of W&H where he's surprised by Spike. They're actually glad to see each other and end up playing a friendly game of cards for more than just money. It's the start of a beautiful friendship but I believe BiA is a one-shot. Poshcat's writing is superb and her sense of humor is very much in evidence. A fabulous read any time of the year.
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In her "Waffle House" ( [ profile] sajinn sends Xander on a road trip sometime around S5. He has decided to go on another to make up for the one that stalled in Oxnard. After a year of roaming the country he ends up in Charleston and runs into ...Spike (I bet you guessed that), now chip-free. They get off to a bad start until Xander's employer, a grande old dame named Lavinia sort of plays matchmaker between her gardener and the Master of the city. There's a hilarious Pepe le Peu seduction scene that has Spike chasing Xander all over his mansion and ends in Xander's capitulation. Slowly, step by step, for over three years, a charming relationship builds and all is well until they return to California where expletive happens.
I always like Spander fics where the relationship is allowed to build, no jumping into bed at the first chance. Sajinn's AU unfolds elegantly with delightful bits like the cups of coffee in the morning, the pig and so on. Despite the angst towards the end it's full of humor. I'm so glad I decided to review it today since it gave me the excuse to re-read it for the umpteenth time. All in all a great tale unless you're a fan of Buffy Summers.
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"What Brought Us Here" by [ profile] spikedluv ( is the story I head for when I want to cheer up and read schmoop. It goes AU after "The Gift'. Xander marries Anya who dies in childbirth leaving him to take care of their daughter. Slowly Spike becomes a welcome addition to Xander's household helping to raise "their" daughter so that Jess has 2 daddies. Willow, Tara, Dawn and others are also part of this extended family. It's a beautifully paced story encompassing several years with lovely bits of humor in the mix. I want to believe that somewhere there's a parallel universe where the story is actually happening.

"The Offering" ( is quite a change of pace. I believe it was the first fic I read developing from the premise that Angel truly gave Xander to Spike in "School Hard" though there probably were other such fics around. The warnings say dark angst and it's so true. Xander grows to love Spike which the Scoobies don't like and of course the worst happens but even vamp!Xander loves his sire. It ends on a strange but happy note.

Spikedluv's one of the better BtVS fanfic writes out there. Her characterizations are right on, she has a sense of humor and she can plot. While you're at her site check out her other stuff.
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"Broken" by Kayla ( is another Spander h/c fic that was among the earliest I read. It goes AU around "A New Man" as Spike finds Xander after he's been abused by his father, takes him to a clinic and informs the staff that he's claimed Xander becoming his nursevamp afterwards. After another attack by his father Spike removes Xander and takes him away. Eventually they run into Oz and they end up rooming together. Unfortunately Buffy misunderstands and thinking that the chip is out and that Spike has turned Xander goes hunting for him. Guess who prevails? There's angst of course but it's leavened with humor and some great OCs like Mel and Molly. It does say Finit though I think it's rather an abrupt ending and I can see where there could be more though I doubt that will ever happen so I enjoy what I have *secretly grumbles*
At her site, Kayla writes that she's revising it but she hasn't gotten further than Parts 1 & 2 (out of 4) in over a year. The unrevised edition is at BTVSslash for the time being though that site hasn't been updated since 11/24/03 and I can't get any information about it either--grr argh--I so dislike the ephemerality of things on the web and of course authors who abandon their fics without warning.
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"It's a Hellmouthful Life" by [ profile] morrigushout
( is a BtVS version of you-know-what. A post-"Chosen", suicidal Xander is shown by Spike (in the Clarence role) how awful things would have been had Xander not been born. We see what would've happened if he hadn't been around for "The Harvest", "Killed By Death", "The Zeppo", "Primeval", "The Gift" and other times.
It's a nicely thought out short story and ends on a Spandery note of course.

ETA She's just posted a Halloween fic "Bloodless Cuts" at
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Stranger Things by [ profile] tolerik/Esmeralda is a very long series that veers off canon in the 4th season. In the first story "The Deal", Spike, in order to rescue Xander from becoming a demon sex toy, needs to prove his "claim" on the boy. Unable to be the one to penetrate a virgin Xander because of the possible pain setting off the chip, he must persuade and guide an astonished Xander to be the "doer" in front of his demon captors. In the next story, "The Arrangement" Spike and Xander decide that they have something real but the chip is an obstacle so Spike takes Xander to LA so Angel can "break him in" with Spike in attendance. Esmeralda stage manages the three of them beautifully and logically but of course Xander is Spike's and eventually he can claim his boi. In subsequent stories Doyle joins in the fun as Angel's companion and there is a time or two that it's the BtVS version of "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice". However the series is more than just PWP. There are major obstacles in the path to happiness like the return of the Initiative and Angelus.

Esmeralda is a very capable writer and her characters ring true even as they depart from canon into slashheaven. The first story "The Deal" was written in 2000 and since then this series has grown into 9 complete multi-chaptered stories and a 10th which is a WIP. It's up there with "Repossession" and "Quantum Xander I&II" in the length department. There are not many writers out there who have been writing as long as she has and is still producing fabulous fics. Go and enjoy.
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[ profile] firehorse's My Scorpion is a beautifully written fic that goes AU sometime around the beginning of S5. In this tale Xander goes to Spike with a proposition: he'll help Spike with the chip and in return Spike is to take Xander with him when he leaves Sunnydale. What I liked was that it's all Xander's idea--he goes to Spike and propositions him. Xander knows what he wants and so does Spike. It's the perfect example of why Spander is my favorite 'ship--they are usually two bois who are equals and, as this Spike says, belong to each other. For me the icing on the cake of this wonderful fic was the epilogue. I always appreciate times when kindness is rewarded.

BTW: there's a set of photos mentioned at the end--I wonder if anyone's ever tried to make a real version of them especially the last *drool*
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[ profile] jameschick's "Quantum Xander" ( is a fascinating romp across parallel worlds with Xander finding and losing Spikes along the way. You see he made this wish, "I wish I knew how my life could have been, if I had made different choices." and we all know what happens when you make a wish in Sunnydale. It's a long tale (75 chapters) that takes a year's time to Xander though only 2 1/2 months to the Scoobies left behind and at the end he is mourning the loss of the Spike he loves but who is not the Spike of his own reality. However fear not for Jameschick has written a sequel "Quantum Xander II: In the Wake of the Curse" (65 chapters) where things become really complicated for our bois.
Jameschick is a talented writer and has written a remarkable saga. These are fun fics though there are dark moments and like Lay's potato chips, it's hard to eat (read) just one (chapter) so make sure you can block off enough time to read them.
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I believe [ profile] alexandriabrown's  Waiting Here was the first Spander story I ever read (probably in the spring of 2002). I recall being astonished by the pairing (I certainly overlooked that subtext) and the h/c as I hadn't encountered a fic quite that graphic in the hurt department before. At the time I was not much of a fan of Xander as depicted in canon. ME never made me care about him or think much about his background. It wasn't until I started reading Spander, with fics like this, that I began to appreciate him.
In WH Xander, having been abused by his father, finds release in cutting himself. One night after he's deserted by Anya, he cuts too deep and almost dies but is saved by Spike. When Mr Harris attacks Xander again and Spike is hurt by the chip protecting Xander from his father, they decide to move into an apartment together. As they take care of each other and reveal their secrets, they grow close until they finally consummate their love. When the Scoobies find out they actually support the relationship and unite with Spike to help Xander after a near-fatal confrontation with Xander's father almost ends it all.
This is a long, beautifully written, beautifully plotted fic that has the bois growing closer by increments with many sweet moments, bits of humor and some angst, and to my mind, remains true to their characters. Go read.
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Long Time Gone by [profile] yin_again is an incredibly well-written fic. It goes AU sometime in S7 as Xander leaves Sunnydale, disappearing for 8 years. In the interim he's become a man, a man with a mission as he returns to Sunnydale and to Spike for help. Slowly, step by step, their relationship grows as they overcome a few obstacles on their path to happiness. Yindagger's Xander is unforgettable--he's a man who has found happiness only to have had it snatched away in a cruel manner. With Spike's caring help he comes alive and is able to love again. It's h/c though the hurt is psychological not physical.
The Hour Series is the result of a challenge by [personal profile] estepheia where in order to make peace with Xander, (or at least a kind of ceasefire) Spike offers Xander an opportunity to get even: One hour of payback for past insults and Spike's involvement with Anya: "Sixty minutes. You say it - I do it. You dish it - I take it." Yin's Xander takes Spike up on his offer in a completely novel way--I didn't foresee that response. Yummy.
I'm often astonished by the quality of the writing in fandom. Some are actually published writers and others like Yin are attempting to turn pro. And of course there are others I think could be published if only their fics were original, het and not NC-17. In writing her original fiction Yin cut back on writing major fanfics. She has written ficlets set in the LTGverse and other things and I keep hoping she might one day give her LTGXander the child he deserves.
I'll keep reading whatever she chooses to write and maybe one day I'll go to a bookstore and see a mystery written by her. I wish her well in all her endeavors


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