May. 27th, 2006 09:08 pm
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I came across this in [personal profile] ebonypearl's lj. According to her, and she's a member of the clergy, after 9/11, Homeland Security sent out letters to the clergy telling them what to do in case of an emergency and:

"They said it was appropriate that violence increase against women, and we were to use Scripture to support acceptance, through both exegesis and hermanuetics. Genesis 34 was given as an example (where Jacob's daughter Dinah was raped by Shechem, then demanded as a wife - and Jacob agreed so long as Shechem and his people became circumcised, then while the men were recovering from their circumcisions, Jacob's people looted their town - the message being to allow your opponents to be violent to your women, then trick then with lies and rob them)." Read more here.

Once upon a time this was my country. Now I'm not so sure *shivers*.
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Anyone read about the 5'1" sex offender who was given probation because the judge felt he would not survive in prison? (read about it here) As I'm 5'2" would I be able to avoid jail because of my height? Nooo. This is insane. His short stature makes him appear non-threatening to children so that he might actually be far more dangerous than a much taller man. Oh the stupidity. 

There's an ad on TV where a young dressed-for-success woman enters a crowded elevator and proceeds to strip down to her lycra biker shorts and top, then dashes out to the waiting Suzuki with bikes on top, hops in and off they go. With her petulant expression she comes across as a bitca who doesn't give a darn about the other people in the elevator just as long as she can run free as a breeze to the car. Even if they are in a hurry it is possible to change clothes in the car and incovenience no one else. I can just imagine what those other passengers in the elevator think about her.

The Olsen twins are in the news again and the way they pose just cracks me up. When I was a kid my favorite monster movie was "Mothra" which had these tiny Japanese twin fairies who would huddle together, just like the Olsen twins, and summon Mothra. Who/what are the Olsen twins summoning?

Some more "Lost" musings behind this
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Came across these fascinating feminist blogs:
Biting Beaver who's an ex-stipper and gives a heart-wrenching peek at that world (here) among other things.
I'm Not a Feminist, But who tells of her journey towards seeing the world from a feminist perspective. She's British so it's interesting reading what it's like for women across the Pond.
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I was reading about Pope Benedict's latest proclamation (read here). He believes "that embryos developed for in vitro fertilization deserve the same right to life as fetuses, children and adults — and that that right extends to embryos even before they are transferred into a woman's womb." that right? The embryos need a woman's womb to develop which happens to be attached to a woman with her own right to life. Unless a woman chooses to carry a fetus to term (always with the possibility of medical complications and death) those embryos are doomed. What is the pope proposing--forced implantations?

He goes on: "The love of God doesn't make any difference between the newly conceived, still in the womb of his mother, and the baby, or the young person, or the mature man or the old man," he said. "He doesn't make the distinction because in each of them he sees his own image and similarity." So God is just a bunch of cells floating around up there somewhere?

ETA: Just found this site RoeDepot: Where women take control of their reproductive rights


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