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Since I began reading BtVS fanfic on the Internet 4-5years ago, I find that I don't read much professionally published fiction these days (there are still only 24 hours in a day *grumbles*). Somehow the books aren't as...vibrant(?) as what I read on the net. I finally finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs and I found I liked it very much indeed and I am looking forward to the sequel whenever it will come out. She's done an excellent job of depicting a werewolf culture with nice rifts on Old World and New World supernatural beings ie the heroine is a Shifter not a werewolf which gives her a different perspective on the goings on. From hints in MC I believe her next book will deal with vampires (yay) and from the little she wrote about them, I think she'll be able to carve out her own niche in the growing world of various vampire cultures.

A couple of commenters on my earlier post wrote that they like the term clans for groups of vampires instead of seethe (which is Ms Brigg's term). To me that brings to mind Highlanders and sort of implies that they would all be related. Some time ago I started to figure out a term that I liked for a group of vamps and liking alliteration I came up with these:
a venation of vampires
a venery of vampires
a vexation of vampires
a vagary of vampires
a voracity of vampires
The one I like best is venery but I'm open to other suggestions. For more collective nouns go here.

ETA: my friend [ profile] stretfordditto pointed out that in Doppelgangland, BtVS 3.16, Angel says (re vamp!Willow), "Okay. She's there now with a cadre of vampires looking to party." So even if ME doesn't know it the canon term is cadre.


Nov. 22nd, 2005 11:17 am
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I usually read only vampire novels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Charlaine Harris and Tanya Huff but I thought I'd try Fledgling, another vampire novel by Octavia E. Butler, the winner of two Hugos and a Nebula and the recipient of a MacArthur genius grant. It deals with a race of vampires called the Ina. They may either have co-evolved with humans or are descendents of aliens--they themselves don't know. They are definitely not the demonic, undead Whedonverse vampires we know and love. Each Ina has a "family" of human symbionts from which they feed. It was a nice read but I think it might be the first book in a series so that it suffered from too much "set-upitis".
The other problem for me was that it was lacking something--graphic sex. I read it as a fanfiction reader of NC-17 fics and Butler had to be so very circumspect and PGish. I could picture a BtVS version where Spike was the vampire with Xander and Tara and Wesley and Fred and maybe WB Willow as his symbionts with lots of NC-17 action. I'm afraid BtVS fanfiction has spoiled professionally published vampire stories for me *sigh*
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Just finished re-reading These Old Shades for the umpteenth time. It's my favorite Georgette Heyer novel. She was an incredible writer of Georgian and Regency romances especially in her earlier days--only 19 when The Black Moth was published and only 24 when TOS came out. I wish some smart TV producer would get the rights to TBM, TOS and Devil's Cub and call the series "The Duke's Trilogy" or something. She was a very private person so I fear that the holdup may be her estate though The Reluctant Widow was made into a movie in 1951 and there was a German movie made of Arabella in 1959. For more on Georgette Heyer go here. To read "The Wages of Vice", a slashy sequel to These Old Shades go here.
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I was re-reading "To the Hilt" by Dick Francis earlier and I came across this: "Some are born weird, some achieve it, others have weirdness thrust upon them." lol c'est moi. I miss that he's no longer writing--he's my favorite mystery writer.


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