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It's now 61 degrees, almost 30 degrees cooler than yesterday - whew!

The book launch was a rousing success. Of course we behind- the-scenes folks were paddling madly but fortunately it didn't show. The space was large enough for the 100 or so people who showed up as it was a large studio divided up into various smaller spaces with great flow. Until Amy told me the party was being held at Peter Max's studio I truly thought he had passed away some time ago as he was such a huge hit in the 60s and 70s but he's only 71 with a younger looking wife (who's much too thin). I actually got to talk to Melissa Leo who is small and also thin and almost unnoticeable in "civilian" life. She lives somewhere in the Catskills and is in town for the Tribeca Film Festival in which she has an entry and is a juror for a film award. The food was plentiful and delicious and vegetarian of course. This was a lesson in how to do a book launch on a shoestring as Amy got several vegetarian restaurants in town to donate some of the food and organic wine and the guacamole and hummus, which garnered many compliments, came from Costco!

I made a point to look at all the artwork. His style has changed a bit from his early days but the colors in his later work are also extremely vibrant. I played a game of which one I would like if I had the money (the prices were in the thousands) and this was my favorite. The party was supposed to last from 6:30 to 8:30 but when I left at 9 it was still going strong. All in all it was a very memorable evening. The next book event will be at one of Lilly Pulitzer's stores but thankfully they will do all the work.

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Today is the day of the official book launch party of my friend Amy's book. It will be held this evening at Peter Max's studio somewhere near Lincoln Center. We are all in a tizzy doing a zillion and ten last minute things. The temperature here in NY will be 90 degrees - what a day to have a party with over 100 guests!! There will be a mix of people from humane societies, farm sanctuaries, vegans and show biz (Melissa Leo is expected to come). If I don't post for a while it will be because I'll be recuperating *g*
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Here is a vid of my friend Amy talking about The Inner World of Farm Animals:

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Apr. 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm
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My friend CM is busy at PAAWS these days. As the flood waters rise in Fargo, people are being evacuated and not all are able to take their pets with them. PAAWS is located in a warehouse and  the nice landlord has let them have a few more rooms to house these pets. In Fargo, people tend to come together to help one another (and their animals).

Here is the clip of Ellen DeGeneres plugging The Inner World of Farm Animals:

This has helped the book climb the rankings at Amazon - yay!!

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Well Ellen mentioned The Inner World of Animals for only a minute or so but already the number of pre-orders is climbing at Amazon - yay. Want to try for a free copy? Go here.
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My friend Amy Hatkoff has written a book called The Inner World of Farm Animals to be published in late March/early April. I helped her with some research using my mighty google-fu and did a bit of beta-ing (I'm actually mentioned in the book!) . It's a wonderful book dealing with the often-overlooked intelligence and personalities of  farm animals and how their treatment must change. Anyway on Friday the book is being shown on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Friday so if any of you can watch please do so.


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