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Jun. 24th, 2006 02:45 pm
shakatany: Sleeping woman plus moon and stars (scholarcat)
In my wanderings I came across a couple of sites where people have posted photos of their cats. They are:

Stuff on My Cat - some are cute and caught in the act while others are posed and probably humoring their humans.
Hitler Cats - a collection of cats with little black marks under their noses. As I recall Hitler was a dog person so it would serve him right if he came back as a cat.

The abundance of stuff on the web is incredible. There once was an ad where this guy is at his computer and the computer says something like "Congratulations you have reached the end of the internet." There is no end (short of the end of the world) as just when you've perused what you think is the last page other users post new entries, fics, comments, news items etc. It's the cyber version of crystal formation.


Jun. 21st, 2006 05:42 pm
shakatany: Sleeping woman plus moon and stars (scholarcat)

HAPPY LITHA (the first day of summer) to all - is Yule (the first day of winter) being celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere (inquiring minds want to know)?

I took the advice of [profile] sexymermaid and made a shakatany account at Greatest Journal just in case the teenyboppers take over LJ completely. The nice thing is that I get 2000 free icons - [personal profile] lit_gal here I come.

This is for [profile] belleimani *grin*: There's this wonderful story about Belle who called 911 to save her friend who was in a diabetic coma - the catch is that Belle is a beagle!! Read about it here.

My subject title can be found here. It's a list of wonderful fictional expletives at Wikipedia. Check them out.

On a little more serious note I found these two links for people interested in English grammer and language: Language Log and Eggcorns

And last of all if anyone needs a MozillaFirefox Cheatsheet go here.


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