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On Sunday night I caught the last half of the first episode of The Amazing Mrs Pritchard on Masterpiece Theater on PBS and I thought it amazing (I intend to see the whole episode when it repeats). Jane Horrocks, the lead, first came to my attention playing Bubble, Edina's air-headed assistant in "Absolutely Fabulous". She now plays Ros Pritchard, a supermarket manager and working mother, who captures the votes of a disillusioned electorate and becomes the new Prime Minister of England. The role of  Ros Pritchard is so unlike Bubble that I had a hard time believing it was the same actress but that's why it's called acting. I now want to see Emma Chambers, who played the equally ditzy verger in "The Vicar of Dibley" do something dramatic. Anyway the series seemed to me to be inspired by the line Nothing is ever so wrong in this world that a sensible woman can't set it right in the course of an afternoon, from ''The Madwoman of Chaillot'' by Jean Giradoux. The "Amazing Mrs Pritchard" has no vampires or other out-of-this-world heroics but is a fantastic fable of a different sort. There are 5 episodes in all - catch it if you can. 

Oh yes I came across a recipe for Schadenfreude Pie (though it could also be called death-by-chocolate *g*) that actually looks quite delicious. 
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For any bakers out there - I came across this recipe for No-Knead Bread in today's New York Times and thought it sounded terrific. If I ever have a kitchen that I can really cook in I plan to try it.


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