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Just finished watching the Doctor Who Easter special "Planet of the Dead" (it's on YouTube). It was very special indeed - a wonderful action adventure ep with some nice special effects and a terrific cast of characters. I especially liked Lady Catherine de Souza and her backpack stuffed with so many handy items and Malcolm Taylor, the brilliant scientist attached to UNIT. I hope milady returns though it might be a bit awkward if she's paired with young Doctor #11. Tennant is certainly going out with a bang. Next up is "The Waters of Mars".
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Well according to the Hollywood Reporter, a new The Saint series is in the works. Roger Moore and his son are among the producers as is Bill Macdonald who co-produced the dreadful Val Kilmer version a few years ago. There's talk of having someone named James Purefoy of the series "Rome" play Simon Templar. What with Macdonald's involvement I have my doubts about this new venture especially as in this age of CSI I wonder how successful Simon Templar could be at playing a sort of Robin Hood. The only bright spot is that they are going to use Patricia Holm in the series. Patricia was his lover in many of the original stories and novels who vanished after a while and was never seen in any of the series and in only one movie "The Saint Meets the Tiger" way back in 1943. I sort of liked their relationship and wonder what a 21st century version would be like. If the new Saint is made (I never count on it until I actually see a projected movie/TV series) I will try it out but I'm not too hopeful that it will be any good :(
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I watched the premiere of "New Amsterdam" last night and thought it might have promise... if they improve on their inconsistencies. The hero was a Dutch soldier who, in 1642, saved the life of a Native American girl who then rewarded/cursed him with immortality of a sort (he would become mortal again when he met his one true love). He often drops hints in his conversation that he's been around for awhile eg. he told an AA meeting that he's been sober for 15,495 days, but everyone thinks he's joking. Apparently, unlike the hero of  the novel Forever by Pete Hamill that the series has been accused of plagiarizing resembling, he is not confined to Manhattan, having been to Buenos Aires and Normandy.

However there were 3 big oops for me in the pilot.  First he had a sort of heart attack and was taken to the hospital where he "died" then recovered and walked out. The hospital never checked his ID nor noticed he was a cop with a badge and a gun. Surely that's the first thing checked out for insurance purposes and to notify the next of kin? Later it turned out that he was once a famous furniture maker. He made a beautiful desk and when his friend (and possible son) took it to a gallery, the people there didn't seem to be able to detect that it was newly made. Then at the final flashback when he recovered from the immortality rite (and why didn't the NA shamans use it on their own people?) the camera pans to some teepees in the background. Now I'm certainly no expert on NA but from what I've read, teepees of this type were the product of the dwellers on the Great Plains like the Sioux and the Cheyenne as several buffalo hides were needed in their construction. Also prior to the acquisition of the horse in the late 18th century, they were unable to wander very far, certainly not to Manhattan. The series makers probably thought that all Native Americans were alike and simply wanted a generic symbol that we would recognize as NA :(

He also joked about having 609 girlfriends! Now if this is true, he's had more than one a year, as it's only been 366 years since he was gifted/cursed. Maybe he had to go through so many in his quest for his one true love but it makes him out to be not very nice (we met one old girlfriend who stated that he just left her one day). With the mystery and the flashbacks "New Amsterdam" comes across as a derivative of "Highlander" and "Forever Knight" (he even mentions vampires in such a way that could be taken to mean they exist in this 'verse). I am certainly not in love with this show or its hero but I'll continue to view it as long as there's nothing better in that timeslot (on Thursday though Fox is trying it out opposite "Lost" so I may end up taping it if I feel like it).

TV Stuff

Nov. 9th, 2006 12:10 pm
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CBS has decided to play with us - we are going to get "Jericho" in 2 distinct mini-seasons without repeats (like "Lost"). The current one will end on Nov. 29th with a cliffhanger, there'll be a 10-week hiatus and then it will return on Feb. 14 with a recap episode followed on the 21st by an original ep dealing with the town before the disaster and I assume the rest of the original eps of the season. Read about it here. I don't know if it's such a good idea (it appears the cliffhanger won't be resolved until the 28th) but what do I know about broadcast programming strategy? I do know that it's opposite "Bones" and as long as "Bones" is showing original episodes I'll only be peeking in on "Jericho".

Someone named Lena Headey has been chosen to play Sarah Connor in the TV version of "The Terminator". She's gorgeous and I find it hard to picture her in the role (she's also British though look what Hugh Laurie has done). Linda Hamilton was a pretty woman who was willing to make herself look like an ordinary woman thrust into an extraordinary role - the mother of the savior of humanity. It's only the pilot so it may not even become a series or if they make it into a series Lena may no longer be Sarah - remember Biff Regan?*

BTW for Linda Hamilton fans "Beauty and the Beast" S1 is coming out on DVD in February. I loved the series way back when (OMG can it really be 19 years?) until it took a very wrong turn in the third season.

*She played Willow in the BtVS pilot.

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Well it appears that the Milton Fine/Brainiac (James Marsters) story arc is finished on "Smallville" which means I probably won't watch it any more. Last night they introduced Jimmy Olsen as working at The Daily Planet, seemingly the same age as Clark Kent. Now back in the day when I was reading the comic books Jimmy Olsen was the young cub reporter and Clark Kent was the older, experienced chief reporter. Jimmy Olsen should be a freckle-faced kid running around with Lana's kid sister Lucy. Comic book canon is so easily ignored even by the people who create it which is one of the reasons I gave up reading comic books years ago.

I know that a lot of people out there love "Supernatural" and I must admit that the leads are incredibly handsome but the show is a throwback to the early days of television when women were either victims or villainesses. Few, if any, of John's colleagues that the boys have encountered are female. The show, for all the eye-candy, leaves me feeling excluded as if demon-hunting was exclusively a male perogative and best left to the menfolk. I had enough of that sort of mindset on TV shows when I was a kid so I'll continue to be only an occasional viewer of the show.
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The Persuaders ran for one season from 1971-72 back when I was young and ignorant and this wave of feminism was in its infancy. As I wrote earlier I loved the Persuaders and had crushes on both Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) and Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore post-Saint and pre-James Bond). Now looking back at the episodes I can only shake my head at my taste in men. They (and the writing) were prime examples of male chauvinism in the extreme. Most female characters were bleached blonde (did conditioners exist in the early 70s because a lot of the hair was strawlike?) bimbos or innocent damsels in distress. There was one episode "Chain of Events" with an Emily Major (Suzanna Leigh ) who came across as a version of Cathy Gale (Mrs Emma Peel of "The Avengers" precursor) but she was the only one I've seen in this first batch of 12 eps. I actually remembered for decades that episode's hilarious opening scene where the 2 heroes are camping. Another memorable scene was in "The Old, the New and the Deadly" where Patrick Troughton's character sends a hitman to kill Danny. Danny's in the shower and hearing the knock, he wraps a towel around his waist and answers the door (no one in this series seems to ask "Who is it?). Seeing the gun he raises his arms, the towel drops and the hitman is startled long enough to be tackled by Brett. The dialog in the series was extremely witty and a lot of the banter was ad-libbed by the stars themselves. Filmed in England and the south of France it's visually a stunning record of a bygone era (some of the fashions are hilarious and I'm talking about the males *g*). It's now a very interesting anachronism and shows how far we've come and yet how little some things have changed. Thirty years from now will I look at Spike and wonder what I saw in him?
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A long time ago one of my favorite TV shows was The Persuaders. It was a sort of dramedy version of "The Odd Couple" with an uncouth Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) and the very couth Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore). Well I was young and naive and had crushes on both characters who ran after women continuously. I am now watching the DVDs and I now see them as the most slashable characters I have ever seen on TV outside of characters who are meant to be gay. I have no idea if anyone else thought this way back then and as the show was on before the first slash fanfic in 1974, I doubt there were any fan stories depicting this but oh the possibilities.

*Consilio et prudentia (sneaky is best): old school motto of Lord Brett Sinclair ("Greensleeves" ep 11).


Apr. 15th, 2006 03:06 pm
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In Greenwich Village, Molly, an eleven-month old cat, was rescued from the crawlspace where she'd been trapped for about 2 weeks (read more here). At times like these I just love humanity.

CHUM, a Canadian media conglomerate, is making a TV series called "Blood Ties" from Tanya Huff's Blood novels featuring Vicky Nelson, a private investigator and Henry Fitzroy, vampire and bastard son of Henry VIII (read more here). I have read and enjoyed the books and what intrigues me is that like Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Comte de Saint-Germain, Henry Fitzroy actually existed and suffered from a mysterious end. I can just imagine other writers who would like an historical vampire scouring history books and googling for the perfect person to be "vampired" *g*.

My Guys

Mar. 31st, 2006 11:52 am
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A couple of days ago [ profile] dolnmoon had a "List 10 Fictional Characters You'd Do". I decided that since it's my lj I'd post 12 since I couldn't make up my mind who to delete. List here )


Mar. 2nd, 2006 12:58 pm
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Well last night's "Lost" episode was rather interesting. I'm going to post my speculations and possible spoilers behind this cut )

TV News

Jan. 24th, 2006 02:03 pm
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Just read that the WB and UPN are merging (read here). Not that I really care but it might have had an impact on BtVS/AtS if it had happened a few years ago. The only show I watch these days on either of those channels is "Smallville" and only when James Marsters is on--BTW any news on Prof. Fine/Brainiac's return?
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NBC is now planning on putting "Law & Order" in the Wednesday 9pm timeslot opposite "Bones" and "Lost"! This means three of my favorite shows will then be on at the same time. Somethings gotta give and I guess it'll be "L&O" which I know I can eventually catch in reruns *rants against stupid programmers*.
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Well the strike is still on though there's hope on the horizon. Another wee plus is that I've gone into several stores that I usually ride past--nothing sensational but fun all the same (in the vein of making lemonade out of lemons).
Yesterday on Park Avenue (a very exclusive part of NYC) I walked past a discarded Xmas tree and it's not even Xmas! All I could think of was that someone had bought it to make an apartment Xmasy then left for a long vacation in Palm Beach or Aspen or Bermuda throwing out the tree so they wouldn't return to a pile of pine needles. There's nothing sadder in the days after Xmas than walking past all those trees lying on the sidewalk waiting for the garbage trucks. Ever since I read Twilight Time I keep thinking of what Xander said about Xmas trees: “You know, they aren’t really. Live, I mean. I mean, they look alive and everything, but they’re actually dying right there before your eyes. It’s kind of nasty to think of. There’s something kind of heartless about cutting a tree down, hauling it home, decorating it up while it’s dying, and then after the holiday’s over, you just throw it out to finish dying somewhere where you don’t have to look at it fall apart.”

One more thing: on Tuesday "Bones" was a repeat so I watched "NCIS" and found out that Jethro Gibbs is an ex-sniper. Well so is Seeley Booth of "Bones". Thanks to the wonderful world of television programming we now have the only 2 (I don't think there are there any others)ex-snipers on TV going up against each other. I know who I want to win.
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On Friday nights I often watch a couple of Britcoms Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By on PBS. The former features Hyacinth Bucket (she pronounces it Boo kay) as an infuriatingly pretentious social climber. I sit there picturing a postscript story where her husband Richard will finally break and strangle her and all the people he used to work with will say "But he was such a quiet man" and wonder what drove him to do it while all those who knew the couple would wonder how he was able to restrain himself for so long. Ideally Hetty Wainthropp would investigate with her Hobbit. BTW anyone else think think that Geoffrey Shawcross might have changed his name to Charlie Pace?
I adore "As Time Goes By" which stars Dame Judy Dench and a cast of actors who look amazingly like real people. It's a sweet little series made up of moments in the lives of these endearing characters focusing on a couple in their 60s and their relatives, none under 30 and some actually over 80.
I believe that unlike "Till Death Do Us Part" which became "All in the Family" and "Steptoe and Son" which became "Sanford and Son" these shows are untranslatable just like "Absolutely Fabulous" (I hear that Roseanne bought the rights years ago and to this day there's no sign of an American version). American shows tend to focus on the young and/or gorgeous so it's refreshing to see something a bit closer to reality.

If you're in a quirky mood go to the ljs of [ profile] miroza_cat (The City Journal of an Irish Cat) written from a cat's POV and her apprentice [ profile] shandri_cat.
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Now that "Threshold" has been cancelled there are only two "incursion" shows left and "Surface" is now on hiatus until January leaving the fate of little Nim (yes it appears dead but we know that in SF/fantasy dead isn't always dead) up in the air until then. "Invasion" just kicked into high gear with a glimpse of a "light" critter. The question that arises is it the actual invader or just a biomechanism used to create duplicates for the true invaders?

Horses and bears and Walt oh my...what is going on in "Lost"? I keep thinking of the TOS ep "Shore Leave" where the crew visited a planet that was an alien amusement park and all their secret desires came true. The Losties appear to be on a Shore Leave island in the Pacific version of the Bermuda triangle. I like the theory that those mysterious numbers are co-ordinates of that island. And lastly I must admit that everytime I hear the name Dharma I automatically think where's Greg?

I'm now officially in the holiday season mood as last night TNT aired "A Christmas Story" which is my favorite holiday movie. It's sweet and sentimental yet Shepherd's ascerbic wit keeps it from being cloying. I also like (carryovers from my childhood) "March of the Wooden Soldiers" and "Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol" which IMHO is the definitive version as far as I'm concerned *g*.

Came across an ad in today's Daily News which had a store that doesn't have sales clerks but "sales counselors". Since the store was selling high-tech stuff I guess counselors might be necessary but it still looks weird or maybe, since I haven't bought anything high-tech in a while, they're now commonplace.

For my friend [ profile] stretfordditto and other fans of Georgette Heyer I came across this today: A Heyer of a Slayer, Book 1 (warning WIP).
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Well, James Marsters had several scenes in "Smallville" last night (yay) and he did say that line about vampires with a straight face. Did anybody else notice that when he did the T-1000 bit he used a very long SPIKE to kill the guy? I'd like Prof. Fine if I didn't know that he was doing things like that and was going to turn into Brainiac--the charm of JM strikes again. Is it just me or was anybody else appalled that Lana killed Buffy (and that might not have been her real name simply the one that Chloe used) and nothing was said about it? It's like all those people dying when Xander summoned Sweet and no one ever chided him.

I just found out that Alan Bell, producer of "Six Feet Under", might be making a TV series based on the vampire novels of Charlaine Harris ( I don't read many published vampire novels (so little time so much to read and generally I like our BtVS fanfic better) but I do read hers (and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Tanya Huff). I like her characters and the situation that she's developed all tinged with a nice sense of humor. I just hope they do a good job translating it to the small screen.


Oct. 27th, 2005 02:36 pm
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I've been watching "Surface", "Invasion" and "Threshold" and it occured to me that it would be far more interesting if all 3 were facets of a 3-pronged incusion by some diabolically clever aliens. In "Threshold" the characters are government agents that are at times ruthless in order to cover up the invasion and in the other 2 ruthless government agents are involved in covering those invasions up. Also water/the ocean plays a part in all the shows. If only the networks were that clever letting the 3 shows intertwine to really hook us in *sigh* I don't actually love the shows as none of the characters truly grab me (except maybe Nim--does he count?) and I'm afraid one or all the shows will be cancelled before I know what's really going on!!! I still remember years ago the frustration when "Prey" was suddenly cancelled leaving the Adam Storke character in a cage, me with no answers and Deborah Messing free to become Grace *g*
These shows have some BtVS crossover fanfic potential as I can picture Graham, Riley and Sam becoming involved. This is especially true for "Surface" as Nim and his kin could be considered demons. In the past ignorant superstitous humans would've called any non-human a demon regardless of where it came from--outer space or another dimension. Maybe demons are actually aliens.
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Last night I watched Rupert Everett play Sherlock Holmes in "The Case of the Silk Stocking" which I thought was probably the worst SH I've seen in ages. RE's SH is so athletic that he leaps around demonstrating how he might later have survived the Reichenbach Falls but puts me in mind of bad wire-work action movies. Mrs Watson-to-be has the lousiest American accent and I think bears little resemblance to the few mentions of Mrs Watson in canon (for fun go to where the author hypothesizes that the good doctor may have had 6 wives!!). If they ever make a sequel I doubt I'll watch it.
Speaking of accents as an American I find that many British actors cannot do good American accents and I'm sure the opposite is true too. In BtVS we were blessed by the fact that Marsters and Denisof were very good at Britspeak or so I'm told by nativespeakers.

On another note I'm so pleased that Lazuli, [ profile] lit_gal, [ profile] riani1, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] authoressnebula, [ profile] nwhepcat and others have updated their fics. Such abundance makes me extremely happy.


Oct. 20th, 2005 06:14 pm
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Did anyone else guess where Sun lost her ring long before she found it in last night's "Lost"? Chekhov's Law strikes again.

If JM isn't in tonight's "Smallville" for at least more than the 15 seconds he was in the season premiere I'm going to...well I don't know what I'm going to do but I wish I could teleport to the producers and read them the riot act. I'm suffering from JM-deprivation!!!

Last Night

Oct. 19th, 2005 12:20 pm
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Last night I went to my local grocery store for a Yoplait Chocolate Mousse (yummy) but they were out of it. I decided to eat healthy and get a Columbo Blueberry (full of helpful phytochemicals) Yogurt but they didn't have it either. I finally settled for a Strawberry Yoplait. My best friend lives in Fargo where they have humongous supermarkets with every brand and variety that exists plus a post office and bakery. I was peeved at Campbell's for discontinuing their Tomato Bisque soup but I was maligning Campbells unnecessarily as they have it in Fargo. I'm suffering from supermarket-envy.

If I'd have had access to a computer then I would've gone to [ profile] mock_the_stupid for a good laugh.

I watched "Nova" last night where they had a segment on goldfish surgery!! Admittedly it wasn't one of those tiny ones but one weighing a pound but still... I wonder if the vets treat tarantulas (just out of curiousity--I don't have one)? Check out the surgery at


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