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Mar. 30th, 2007 11:51 am
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Oh boy here are a couple more cute animal vids. The first features an adorable little duckling feeding his koi pals. The other is of two otters swimming together in perfect harmony (I think it actually looks as if one of the otters is kissing the paw of the other). I may be anthropormorphizing them but I do believe that there's more to animals than scientists and some others are willing to admit.

Here's a cute article on footwear for miniature guide horses. Apparently the Guide Horse Foundation finds that most miniature horse handlers prefers sneakers for their miniature horses. Can you imagine the early days when perhaps they tried children's footwear?

Customer: I'd like to buy a pair of children's sneakers?
Salesman: What size?
Customer: Well he wears this size shoe (holds up horseshoe).
Salesman: WTF? (Looks around for security to handle the crazy person)

One more thing - if Fred Thompson does run for President all the "Law & Order" episodes he's in may have to be pulled from rotation (read about it here). I assume this goes for movies like "The Hunt for Red October" too. 
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See the cute Kung Fu Kitten. LOL

There's a new Post-NFA story/community called [profile] championverse, an all ensemble (with S/X) series which fills in a tiny bit the lack of anything official. The writers cleverly had Angel turn and ensoul Wesley before his meeting with Cyvus Vail. 
BTW another post-NFA virtual season series called "Heroes" seems to have been "cancelled" as the link doesn't work *grumbles* 
And, oh yes, the WB plans to say farewell on September 17 by showing the pilots of "BtVS", "AtS" and "Veronica Mars". Could this possibly be the un-aired first pilot with Riff Regan as Willow? That would really draw in the curious (though Joss Whedon apparently would like that pilot to vanish into the ether).

I grew up on mysteries but of late I don't read too many. Last night I stayed up late finishing J.A. Jance's Edge of Evil. I like Jance and this one features her new heroine (she has 2 other series characters) who becomes a blogger in the course of the book. She's also a woman of a certain age which is always a plus. I think this is the first book that I've read where blogs (or ljs *g*) are important to the plot. Hope she'll write more books featuring Alison Reynolds.


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