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I sometimes must use the Internet at the NYPL to get online. I have known for some time that I couldn't get to Tabaqui's Scarecrow Horses, Tania's Fanged Four sites, Stepaway from My Xander and AdultFanFiction. This recently came up in a lj coversation and I decided to see what other sites were blocked by the library's filters. Out of my list of favorite sites I discovered the following were blocked:
Shadow's Alcove
Secret Slasha
Titti's Realm
Tales from the Attic
Whispered Words
UCSL: UnConventional relationShippers' List
The Wonderful World of Make Believe

Though Mouseverse and Tales from the Attic were blocked I could get into Laz's Excess site with "Repo" and "Manifestation". I could also get into sites like Love That Dares and The Island (m-mslashaholics) and many other slashy NC-17 sites so I don't know what sets the filters off. This summer I will probably visit my friend in Fargo again and I think I'll try my list of sites at her library. This filtering business is starting to intrigue me. Do any you have a library near you with internet access? If you ever have a bit of spare time (yes I know that is very rare) you might check out what sites are blocked at your library. Do all libraries have the same filter or does each library system set its own standards? Hopefully for me the filters won't improve much though I recall being able to get to Stepaway until recently.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 03:18 pm
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There are times when my only access to the Internet is at the NY Public Library. I can sign up for 45 minute sessions which is ok unless something comes in towards the end and I forward it without really looking at it which is what happened yesterday. I forwarded an e-mail a trusted friend sent me thinking it was serious and it turned out to be a joke. Luckily it was an amusing joke but all the same I learned my lesson--always check. The other problem is that certain of my favorite sites are blocked by the library's filters. I can understand why a site called Adultfanfiction is blocked but why are Tabaqui's Scarecrow Horses, Tania's Fanged Four sites and Stepaway From My Xander blocked especially since I used to be able to get into Stepaway? I go to other sites just as mature and slashy--why those?

Came across 2 new communities: one is [ profile] seeking_spiketo find lost BtVS fics and another [ profile] btvs_award_infois a place to find award sites out there. [ profile] lit_galtake note.

I've decided to post my list of BtVS Reference Sites--a useful tool for fans and writers.

BtVS Reference Sites ) 

BtVS Reference Sites:

All Things Philosophical on BtVS & AtS at
Angel & Buffy & Firefly News at
Angel/Spike Timeline at
Angel's Acolyte at for episode guides
Boils and Blinding Torment at want to send an e-card?
BtVS Writers' Guild at
Buffy Guide at for episodes etc
Buffy vs Angel at for episode transcripts
Buffy World at for episodes etc
Buffyverse Dialog Database at AtS too
City of Angel at episode etc
Fanfic Med at need a medical question answered for your fanfic?
History of the Aurelian Vampires at
Little Details at need some info for your fanfic?
Resources for Medical Fanfiction Writing at
SX and Violence at canon vs fanon
Screencappiness at screencaps
Slayage at The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies
Slayer Cards at send an e-card
BtVS Storyfinders at
The Buffy Collector collectibles etc.

Essays on Spike:

Spike Thesis at by "Lydia Chalmers" (BtVS 5.14)
Lesley's Essay on Spike at
Kristen's Letter to ME at


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