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the fever was evidently causing Xander to spend more time out of his mind than in it

Another great quote this time from Chapter 45 of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by [ profile] amejisuto

One More

Nov. 4th, 2005 10:11 pm
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Found this to add to my collection at [ profile] bloodclaim:

“Oi! Take that back, right now. Naughty whippersnapper.”
“Ooo. Say it again, baby. Makes me hot.”
Spike arched his eyebrow. “Say what? Whippersnapper?”
“God, yes!”
“You’re one strange bloke, Xan.”
“Come on over here, you dirty old man and let me snap your whipper for you.”
After Spike’s whipper had officially been snappered, they decided to move the next event into the bedroom.--"The Road to Sex Lies and Duct Tape" Ch. 30 by Bytemi at
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I've cheered myself up re-reading a few of my favorite quotes from fanfiction. All of these are credited. I have a few others that I have no idea where they are from so I won't list them.

Favorite Quotes from BtVS Slash Fanfiction:

"My cock is stupid. It dated Cordelia. Please ignore anything it tries to contribute to this discussion."--"Raising the Stakes" by Benaresq/Minitrog at

"He should have stopped this before it got started because he wasn't gay, no matter what his cock claimed right now."--Mangled Spells and Manlier Bits, part 5 by Lit Gal at

Spike broke the kiss and panted harshly. He twined one hand into Xander’s hair and roughly pulled his head back so that their eyes met. “Luv, I’m going to have to apologize in advance,” he gritted out between pants.
“For what?” Xander’s breathing was also unsteady.
"For how fucking sore you’re gonna be tomorrow.”-"Long Time Gone" by Yindagger at

Spike was happy. Spike was more then happy. Spike was elated, exalted, thrilled, euphoric and he had to stop reading the thesaurus when he got bored.--"Bleed" by Ally W at


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