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Just got this via [ profile] woman_of_ : James Marsters made USA Today's list of the Top 100 People of 2008. He came in at #69 (!!) and they wrote: James Marsters. His guest stint as the rebellious, flirtatious Captain John added a spark to Torchwood's second season, and Smallville fans enjoyed his run as the evil Brainiac. When will the guy get a regular gig so his roles won't be such a rare delicacy? So say we all *g*

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Jun. 15th, 2006 06:36 pm
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I just read in the "TV Guide" that David Boreanaz, along with Daniel Dae Kim and Jensen Ackles are among "TV's Sexiest Men". Why can't James Marsters have a series *grumbles*.
On the other hand a friend sent me this link to JM's 1980 Yearbook Photos and I must say I never would think he would ever be on the list. IMO James, like fine wine, improved with age. Get a load of the hair-do. LOL.
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We're having our first big snowstorm of the winter. Here in Manhatten we'll probably end up with about a foot of snow and this being Sunday, people are heading to the park with skis and children on sleds. There is little traffic and the snow makes the city nice and quiet and beautiful...on the first day. In a couple of days it will be black with patches of yellow and brown as it's piled up on the curbs making crossing the streets difficult. All the snow makes for narrow, slippery streets to drive on so tomorrow there'll be a great deal of honking. Then when the temperature rises there'll be lakes of slush at the street corners; this will go on for weeks until all the snow melts. Oh well I will enjoy it today.

I went to my local Barnes & Noble and skimmed the current Buffy magazine. There was an interview with James Marsters in which he said that his favorite childhood hero was Bruce Lee: "When I was growing up, he was doing the Kato thing, but he had humor, a sense of fun and a sense of, 'I'm definitely going to knock your ass but I don't want to have to go there.' And that struck me as a very manly thing to be - he's going to keep the peace. Spike is Kato really, or trying to be." Food for thought--is Spike Katoish?

At the Citicorp subway station I came across a little sparrow taking refuge from the storm. I've seen pigeons in the subway once or twice and always hope that they find their way to freedom. I hope this little guy makes it too.

ETA: Apparently I underestimated the snowfall--26.9" has fallen in Central Park.
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Well last night Prof. Milton Fine (the Kryptonian T-1000) was vanquished and then it vanished. Since the big hoopla was that JM was hired to play Brainiac and Brainiac was never mentioned I have a feeling HE'LL BE BAAACK. It would be nice (from a continuity perspective with the comics) if he came back green and bald and as James has such a lovely shaped head he still would be stunning. It would also be neat if the miniature Kryptonian city of Kandor was in a bottle aboard the spaceship. I was such a comicbook geek when I was a kid. It is however frightening to realize that I can recall details like that when I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night *sigh*.

On a tangent today's People magazine will feature the 50 most beautiful people. I bet JM will not be one of them. I don't think he's ever been listed nor have any other of the BtVS/AtS cast members been mentioned. Are those People editors blind? He's also never made those most eligible bachelor listings. It's a conspiracy I tell you.


Nov. 16th, 2005 02:22 pm
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I just ran across the fact that James Marsters is shooting a movie called "Shadow Puppets" with Jolene Blaylock and Tony Todd, both ex-ST actors. I'm beginning to think that almost every cast member of BtVS has been or is doing a horror movie--SMG, David Boreanaz, Nick Brendan, Charisma Carpenter, Seth Green and others. For JM, at least, it's a far cry from the "Macbeth" he wants to do. It's not easy being an actor. I had a friend who actually got to play the title role in a movie but was so fed up with cattle calls he gave up acting and became a DA instead.

(more here)

Our James

Nov. 11th, 2005 11:37 am
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I watched JM on "Smallville" last night. He's soo good I just wish he wasn't playing a T-1000 Kryptonian villain. There's a death coming up (this is not a spoiler as we've known about it since "Hidden" ep 5.3) and as I recall from my days of reading the Superman comics eons ago Lois, Lana and Lex appear as adults leaving Chloe or one of the senior Kents as the possible sacrifice. I don't suppose they would cheat and use a Smallville "redshirt"?

I was over at Aint It Cool News where Joss is still saying that a Spike movie is possible (oh please, please, please). He's writing a 4 issue comicbook story set post-"Chosen" dealing with Buffy and the Immortal. Now since he's writing it should it be considered canon?
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Well, James Marsters had several scenes in "Smallville" last night (yay) and he did say that line about vampires with a straight face. Did anybody else notice that when he did the T-1000 bit he used a very long SPIKE to kill the guy? I'd like Prof. Fine if I didn't know that he was doing things like that and was going to turn into Brainiac--the charm of JM strikes again. Is it just me or was anybody else appalled that Lana killed Buffy (and that might not have been her real name simply the one that Chloe used) and nothing was said about it? It's like all those people dying when Xander summoned Sweet and no one ever chided him.

I just found out that Alan Bell, producer of "Six Feet Under", might be making a TV series based on the vampire novels of Charlaine Harris ( I don't read many published vampire novels (so little time so much to read and generally I like our BtVS fanfic better) but I do read hers (and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Tanya Huff). I like her characters and the situation that she's developed all tinged with a nice sense of humor. I just hope they do a good job translating it to the small screen.
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Re John Vickery: "As well as having a voice that could melt the underwear off a cloistered nun at 50 paces, he's also one of the best received Shakespearean actors in the country." -- Janis

"If they told James Marsters that his new love interest was a cement block, he would have chemistry with the cement block. We would all be Spike/Cement Block shippers, and there would be a S/CB fic list, and whenever JM looked at the block just so, we would all post things like, "Whoa, Cement Block looked hot tonight." -- Amy

So true, so true. I especially love that bit about the cloistered nun *g*
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Well our beloved JM was on "Smallville" for a couple of scenes. Is that the natural color of his hair? I think I loved his look as Charlemagne Bolivar on "Andromeda" and the beginning of BtVS S7--those lovely golden locks--most of all.
I haven't read DC comics since I was 15 but I seem to recall Aquaman's name was Arthur and his father a lighthousekeeper which is in keeping with what he said last night. His mother came from one of the 2 cities of Atlantis in the DC comicverse. One had water-breathing humans and the other had merpeople with tails like Lori Lemaris. I don't recall if DC ever reconciled the 2 different versions of Atlanteans.
Next week we get...vampires!!! JM gets to say "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires." I hear he isn't too happy with it all (including a vampire named Buffy). He may feel he's being exploited but at least he'll be onscreen.

Was over at [ profile] spikedluv's lj and came across the funniest site: "40 Things That Only Happen In Movies" at
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I was at aintitcoolnews ( and as I glanced at this entry I misread it:

‘He’s No Angel!!’
Tickle Biscuit Reviews A Chunk Of Spike-TV’s BLADE THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Pilot Script!!

For a split second I thought it was our Spike they were talking about (who else thought of William the Bloody instead of Spike Lee when the network was announced?). I keep hearing rumors but so far no dice. JM has said that he really can play Spike for only a few more years so they better hurry. I was thinking in light of that and in light of Angel signing away his shanshu that the best option is to have Spike become human (yes I love our favorite vampire but unfortunately JM is mortal). I was thinking about the rest of the BtVS/AtS casts as they are now scattered to the winds. I have a feeling that for the "Spike Movie" Joss would unfortunately have to cast new supporting characters (I know that "Kitchen Confidential" is on hiatus/cancelled and Nick Brendan might be available but he probably has other projects lined up) and all those lovely post NFA fics would become AU--until the next addition to the Buffyverse comes out they are all equally valid. I will regret the lack of future canon Spander possibilities but Spike/William in any form would be sooo desired by sooo many. Please Joss get to work now!
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I was over at [ profile] bloodclaim and in a reply tempestsreach wrote that Lazuli Kaat was compiling "The Spander Files" at with Spander fics sorted by category. I can't recall the number of times I have read a request for a specific type of fic ie. vamp!xander, human AU, h/c. Wouldn't it be a great idea if authors submitted the titles and URLs of their fics and readers could submit their favorite Spander so they could all be under one searchable roof so to speak?

On another note a couple of nights ago I watched "Smallville" waiting for James Marsters to appear again (if you blinked during the finale of the season premiere you missed his first appearance). This is the first season of the show I'm watching (and once Brainiac is defeated I doubt I'll continue watching--it's not my cuppa) and I was surprised by the AUness of it all compared to the comic books I read back in the day. As I recall teenage Clark Kent was Superboy openly complete with costume, Jor-El was a nice guy and Brainiac was green. I wonder if the production staff are going through the old comics and gleaning what they can use. I wonder if Lena Thorul would ever show up. The stuff that sticks in one's memory *sigh*


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