Feb. 18th, 2006 02:08 pm
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Stumbled across The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library which consists of short spoofs of popular movies performed by cartoon bunnies. Lol.

I was reading about "Eight Below" and came across the name of Moon Bloodgood who plays the pilot. I've googled and found out she's Korean, Irish and Dutch but I can't find out if that's her real name but what a name--just perfect for some character in the Buffyverse.

J. August Richards is going to be in "Conviction" on NBC playing an ADA. That braindump by the Senior Partners must really have stuck--I wonder if he'll be humming Gilbert & Sullivan *g*?

TV Musings

Feb. 16th, 2006 12:27 pm
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Well last night was a very interesting night of TV viewing. I started out by watching a syndicated episode of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" called "Phantom" where at the end the murderer is threatening to kill his children. Right afterward was "Lost" where Rousseau traps a possible Other who it turns out was played by Michael Emerson who I had just seen playing the villain on "L&O:CI"!! Rousseau then wounds her captive saying "If I wanted to kill him, I would've killed him", which immediately reminded me of a line spoken by Delenn's (also played by Mira Furlan) Minbari compatriot Neroon (in the B5 episode "Grey 17 is Missing"): "If I wished him dead, he would be dead". The characters appeared to be channeling each other across space and time. I'm not liking Sawyer that much after the frog incident. In the Dharma outpost the countdown numbers were briefly replaced by what looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs. I caught site of a hook which is s and a bird which may one of several letters (it wasn't very clear) and a picture of a man kneeling which is the symbol for man plus a couple more. So now we have Egyptian mixed in with Sanskrit(dharma). Mystery #412 *g*.

I taped "Bones" which keeps on improving. Seeley let his inner Angelus out for a "walk" last night. The good news is that in 3 weeks it moves to 8 pm so I can watch both "Bones" and "Lost" leaving only "Invasion" and "L&O" to drive me crazy.

The best news of all--I just found out that James Marsters will return to "Smallville" next week. Hurray!!!

Found this funny site with Unfortunate Valentine's Cards. Lol.

TV Musings

Feb. 9th, 2006 02:59 pm
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Well that was a very interesting ep of "Lost". I love the way Sawyer maneuvered events and people there on the island. So in honor of him I'm posting the link to The Sawyer Song just in case anyone hasn't seen it.

Now that "Threshold" has been cancelled and "Surface" has ended with only a 15-week season and it's return is doubtful (and the possibility of a Nim stuffed toy) that leaves "Invasion" as the sole survivor. It's certainly improving but like "Lost" the creators are having to balance giving the answers right away in order to keep enough of an audience for a 5-year run and not giving all the answers right away in the hope of a 5-year run. That's not easy. With "Babylon 5" and "BtVS" it was easier to maintain mysteries as most eps had a beginning, middle and end with a few tantalizing clues to the overall arc. In fact I believe JMS had the 5 seasons of "B5" plotted from the beginning and only had to change things when the suits interfered.

I think we fans do appreciate the challenge of multi-seasonal storylines no matter what Hollywood thinks ie compare the complexity of the plots of "Threshold", "Surface" and "Invasion" with the stand alone eps and simple plots of "The Invaders". In "Andromeda" when Kevin Sorbo fired Robert Hewitt Wolfe and discarded his multi-season story arc and made the show into basically stand alone eps, the series went downhill rapidly. (Trivia question: anyone know the name of the first actor to play Dylan Hunt?).

In a decade or so while ratings will still be important, TV viewing habits will be harder to measure as we might be watching shows by downloading them to our computers or iPod or cellphones to watch right away or later. The entire way of creating shows might have to be overhauled. Perhaps creators might be guaranteed a number of eps in which they can arc their series so they can make stories with beginnings and an eventual endings after a large number of eps without fear of cancellation. I remember many years ago watching a series on the Japanese channel called "Women of the Shogunate" about the life of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and I think it took about a year's worth of weekly eps to tell about his life meaning the producers were given the go-ahead to take their time in telling his story so in effect it was a maxi-miniseries. Maybe this will become more common in the future. I hope so.

TV Musings

Feb. 1st, 2006 03:48 pm
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What's with "Surface" ending its season with only 15 episodes? Why not the usual 22 or more? I feel cheated.

Tonight's "Lost" is a repeat so I can happily watch "Bones" with no worries.

Well the Oscar nominations are in. Keira Knightly was actually nominated in the Best Actress category for "Pride & Prejudice". I guess I don't know great acting when I see it *grumbles*

TV Musings

Jan. 25th, 2006 05:18 pm
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I'm still not quite sure what'll be happening when the WB and UPN merge into CW. In NYC the WB is on channel 11 and UPN is on channel 9; which channel will CW be on and what will happen to the other channel? At the moment I'm hoping that channel 9 will continue to air the syndicated SG1 and SGA as I don't get the SciFi Channel. I haven't even seen this new BSG that everyone seems to be raving about. Back in the late '80s we used to call the original BSG "Garbagestar Exlaxia" and I considered the sequel "Galactica 1980" to be the worst science fiction show of all.

Tonight is like fight night--"Lost" vs "Bones" and "Invasion" vs "L&O"--luckily I have a working VCR recorder but I don't know what I'll do when "L&O" moves ahead an hour. I'll probably not watch it until one of the other two are repeats. Why do the programmers feel the need to change shows around? Most likely to justify their existence as in a few years they'll be out of a job as we download shows from the internet at our convenience.

TV Musings

Dec. 7th, 2005 05:08 pm
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They say in show business timing is everything and boy have some people screwed up their timing. In this week's People magazine there's an article on David Boreanaz plus in New York magazine there's a review of "Bones" by John Leonard who calls it "the best drama of the new network season". Anyone who's appetite was whetted by these articles and wanted to see what it was all about was out of luck because it wasn't on this Tuesday *grumbles*.

We now know what happened to Walt. He was kidnapped from the isle of the "Lost" and taken to the South Bronx where he learned to play chess. As almost everything else was in re-reuns I saw "Knights of the South Bronx" last night. It was, of course, utterly predictable yet the story was touching enough that I didn't mind it and Antonio Ortiz who played the youngest Knight was an adorable scene stealer. For the rest of the holiday season we'll have to find other things to interest us as most of our favorites will be on hiatus or in re-runs until next year *more grumbles*.

TV Musings

Nov. 17th, 2005 12:26 pm
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Last night I watched a fabulous episode of "Lost" where a whole season was condensed into 45 or so minutes. While I was watching it occurred to me that the Isle of the Lost may be the most inhabited deserted island since Gilligan's (not that there are that many on TV--the only other one I can think of is the one "The New People" crashed on when I was a kid). We have the survivors of Flight 815, Gabrielle and possibly others from her expedition including her child, Desmond and possibly more people connected with Dharma, possible survivors from the drug-smuggling planecrash, possible descendents of the crew of the Black Rock, and possibly Drusilla (the dolls *g*). Can't wait for next week's showdown between Sayid and Ana Lucia--it'll sort of be like "Clash of the Titans" on a smaller scale.

TV Musings

Nov. 14th, 2005 11:54 am
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Last week I watched the 2-hour long, made-for-the-sweeps "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" ep with all 4 detectives. In one scene the victim is given nipple clamps; in another the detectives discuss possible sexual positions that the debilitated rapist must've used ie it couldn't be the missionary position because that would be too hard on his shoulders. I'm thinking this is definitely not my father's Perry Mason.

I truly, truly dislike the David Spade ads for Capital One. I find them sadistic and unfunny. However I do like their ads featuring the retired pillagers. Neither of them will get me to use CO. I don't think I've bought anything because it was advertised on TV since I was a kid. I have definitely avoided purchasing some things because of their ads. I was so annoyed by those "ring around the collar" ads many years ago that to this day I have not bought Wisk.

There's a cabdriver in Chicago who delivered a baby the other day. He said all he knew about childbirth came from watching a show on the Discovery Channel. See folks watching TV can be good for you. I must remember to study all those shows on the separation of conjoined twins just in case *g*.


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